WordPress Theme Development

৳ 20,000.00

Total Class: 45 Hours
2 classes  per week / 2 hours



This course is for any WordPress user or web developer who would like to learn how to create powerful WordPress themes and add development skills to their resume.

 If you already have basic WordPress skills and wanted to know how themes are developed, then this is the perfect course for you. This course will super-size your WP skills and makes you a powerful theme developer.


Part 1: Introduction

          Introduction to WordPress

          Setting up the local server (Installing XAMPP)

          Installing WordPress (Creating a Database, Installing WordPress. )

          Files structures and how wordpress files work.

          Dashboard overview, understanding all default dashboard features and why they are used for.


Part 2: Default Theme & Template Hierarchy

          Overview on Default Theme.

          Give ideas on Pages, Posts, Categories and Tags and how these work.

          How to create wordpress menus.

          Quick Overview on Template hierarchy to understand how wordpress file works.


Part 3: Theme Development (Section 1)

          Creating Header, Footer and Sidebar Templates.

          Creating functions.php , page.php and single.php

          Adding functions header and footer.

          Enqueuing CSS and JS.

          Creating blog page and blog single page template.

          Creating custom page templates.


 Part 4: Theme Development (Section 2)

          How to register menus.

          How to register custom post type

          How to register custom taxonomy

          How to register widgets and dynamic  sidebar

          How to create shortcode.

          Template tags


 Part 5: Theme Development (Section 3)

          What is CMB2 Plugin

          Installation CMB2 in the theme.

          CMB2 Field Types

          How to create fields for any post type and page templates.


Part 6: Theme Development (Section 4)

          How to dynamic any text field and textarea.

          How to dynamic a slider

          How to dynamic a image gallery

          How to dynamic a video gallery

          How to dynamic tabs and accordion

          How to dynamic a testimonial

          Contact form 7 plugin


Part 7:  A complete HTML website to WordPress Theme

          A full html template converts to wordpress theme.


Who this course is for:

          This is not a HTML or CSS course, but does include some HTML and CSS as needed to create themes, but the student will already have a knowledge of these technologies.

          This course is for any web developer who has a basic knowledge of PHP and HTML, but who would like to learn how to create powerful WordPress themes.

          For web designers who know Twitter Bootstrap and would like to take that knowledge and add WordPress themes to their skill set.



          Students who know HTML and CSS

          Basic understanding of WordPress

          Basic knowledge of PHP or a desire to learn basic PHP coding


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