Grade 8 Mathematics

৳ 2,200.00

Weekly Sessions: Every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday

Session Duration and Timing:    1 Hour Classes from 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Course Description: Mathematics is the language of Science through use of numbers, quantities and space.

Topics to Be Covered in G8:

Number (Introductory overview of Number systems and operations performed on them to achieve results)



  • Algebra and Graphs (Introductory overview of translating algebraic equations to bi-planar coordinate systems)
  • Coordinate Geometry (Introductory overview of solving problems through visual representation of data and manipulation of graphical structures to determine characteristic variables integrated within the graphical problems)


Shape and Space:

  • Geometry (Introduction to simple construction of angles and shapes)
  • Mensuration (Introduction to properties of shapes up to three dimensions and how to calculate such values)
  • Trigonometry (Introduction to the three basic trigonometric functions and their uses in different areas of science)
  • Vectors and Transformations (To be introduced in Grade 9)


Matrices (To be introduced in Grade 9)

Probability and Statistics:

  • Probability (Introduction to simple probability in reference to chance of events occurring)
  • Statistics (Introduction to the counting of events and finding correlations to how and why things appear to occur in patterns, even though the whole premise may seem to stem from chaos)


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